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App Design, Cellular Antenna Support Systems, Construction, Display, Electrical Appliance, Fire Protective Apparel, Food Service Equipment,
Lighting-Full Spectrum, Metal Cutting and Microfinishing, Molding & Coating Systems, Oil Additives-Fluids,
Ovens- Process Heating, Protective Laser Eyewear, Shipping, Signage, Training, Truck Parts, Precision Tube Fabrication


Baseball Park, Ceramic Tiles, Counseling, Education, Entertainment, Farm, Alpacas, Flagpoles, Fund Raising, Greeting Cards, Health Care,
Hotel / Restaurant, Heating, Jewelry, Lighting, Maple Syrup, Marine, Microtools, Musical Instruments, Paint & Applicators, Amusement Park, Artists,
Recreational Vehicles, Retail Outlets, Tourism, Toys, Villas


Weight Management, General Practice, Laser Treatment Center

Non Profit

Hospital, Metro Park System, Maternity Support Center, Early Childhood Center, Womens Housing, Church Communications



Kraftworks, Inc.

6900 Eagle Mills Rd.
Waite Hill, OH